Thrive in an Amazon World

What can Local businesses do to thrive against Amazon

Use Mobile

Mobile influences $1.2 trillion instore sales per year in the US. (greater than 30% of total sales)

Local Rewards

Common reward across local companies increases loyalty to local. Even Amazon is moving to rewards in the form of “free stuff”.

Direct Advertising

Amazon advertising is replacing search but is still driven by consumer actions. Direct advertising allows local businesses to deliver personal offers.

Local Market

Amazon has the world largest inventory but offers practically no way of finding local inventory.

Community Support

Local Consumers want to support local businesses and local community groups if it is easy.

Crypto Rewards

Solely Local... Unique, Sexy, and an Amazon neutralizer.

Businesses can access a large number of potential new customers instantly.

Free Advertising. Wallet shows where to get rewards and where to spend rewards.

Businesses are paid a 10% premium when rewards sold back to Solely Local.

Businesses can earn an ongoing revenue share from consumers recruited through them.


Always on hand through the mobile phone wallet.

Tracks the value of rewards earned at all times.

Rewards can be exchanged for goods or shared instantly.

Rewards can be saved to be sold back to Solely Local at an increased price.

Provide consumers with rewards that increase in value over time – worth chasing.

Mobile Advertising

Consumers received daily Text messages of offers based on their interests.

Solely Local - Mobile Advertising


Access ‘000s of consumers at one time

Solely Local - Mobile Advertising

Reduce Costs

Reduce your advertising costs by up to 80%.

Solely Local - Mobile Advertising

Make Different Offers

Personalize offers to different consumers can increase conversions by 5 to 10 times.

Solely Local - Mobile Advertising

Multiple Product Ads

A single ad can link to 10 products which will be shown for 7 days.

Solely Local - Mobile Advertising

DIY Ad Creation

Faster and Cheaper.

Solely Local - Mobile Advertising


Ads can be interactive and provide additional information.

App Screenshot

Mobile Market Place

Market Place



Restricted to Local Businesses and Products.

No monthly or onboarding costs.


Solely Local


Load as many as few products and services as you want.

Complete backend system to manage your presence.

Rewarding Consumers

Crypto Rewards are an advanced form of Cashback Marketing. Consumers receiving cashback payments are not only more likely to buy again from the same company, but once they do, they increase the size of their future purchase.

Rewarding Consumers

US average rewards per month per consumer is $50.

If saved for 5 years, the value of Crypto Rewards with appreciating value would equal $12,000.

Solely Local will make a contribution of 10% of its advertising revenue to consumers in Crypto Rewards to accelerate the growth of rewards to consumers.

Engaging and Supporting the Local Community

Solely local rewards shares 10% of its advertising revenue with local consumers whose actions lead to that revenue. The same amount is paid to the local community groups that consumer supports

Wallet Distribution

Encourage supporters to download Solely Local Wallet.

Grow Supporters

If each supporter downloading wallet were to recruit spouse and 3 friends, an annuity of $200 per supporter would be created.

Growth in Mobile Rewards and Mobile Advertising will increase community funding overtime

Mobile advertising is growing at between 25% and 40% P.A. while Mobile reward are growing at 80% to 90% p.a

Coming to your community soon

Early Bird Opportunities

By signing up before the formal launch of Solely Local in your community, businesses will get the recognition and free advertising associated with what will be a MAJOR BUY LOCAL initiative.


In additions, businesses committing Pre Launch will receive one to two years of free rewards. Any commitments made before Dec 2019 will carry an entitlement to equity in Solely Local.

More Details can be gained directly from our CEO, Gary Gilmour at, or (250) 216 1832.

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