Mobile Revolution

The mobile revolution has changed the way people do business. Customers want information within seconds, and if your business cannot provide this you are losing that customer today and in the future.

Business Need

There are 20 million small business in North America and only 20% of these businesses have a fully functional mobile commerce platform. Consumers expect businesses to have a m-commerce platform and Solely Local offers local businesses inexpensive access to new and existing customers through a sophisticated app.

The Solely Local Solution

Solely Local is an all-encompassing mobile shopping and advertising hub for small businesses and their customers. It allows customers to view specials, purchase goods and services, book appointments and chat with the local business. The conversion cost for businesses is a fraction of what they are for other on-line advertisers because they will be reaching interested, local consumers.

Result Driven

Solely Local allows you to post advertisements that will be sent to customers while giving businesses the ability to interact with their customers, and for their customers to make purchases directly from the app. The business owner controls the content shown, is able to chat with customers, manages the advertising budget and gains access to sales data.

The Solution For
Customers & Local Businesses


Target customers based on shopping patterns & location

Advanced Analytics

You know your target audience. Advertise based on location, range, and expected conversion rates. See what your ROI truly is.


Direct Communication

Have the ability to communicate directly with your customers in real time to stimulate sales & revenue.

New Search Features

Near me dynamics will link customers to your business like never before, and allow for easy access to inventory & bookings. Conversions are the name of the game.

Solely Local In Action

Solely Local


This video will show you some of the features of Solely Local. Take a look and see the value of Solely Local to both a consumer & business

Executive profiles

Our leaders champion every aspect of Solely Local, from product and customer service to marketing, financials... Our experienced management team is here for you.

Robert Stuart

Rob is in charge of day to day operations with the goal of helping businesses leverage Solely Local’s technology to gain new customers and drive revenue. Rob has extensive executive level experience, managing over 500 salespeople and 50 retail locations. His passion for customer service and strategic planning will help Solely Local’s business partners gain customers and increase profitability.

Gary Gilmour

Gary brings unmatched experience and leadership to the Solely Local team. Gary has developed and ran multiple businesses, all of which achieved high levels of success in the past. Solely Local is Gary's vision, and as the driving force behind the company his goal is to utilize this technology to help SMB's & make the organization a world wide leader in the mobile advertising space

Pedja Andrijasevic

Media and tech executive Pedja is passionate about innovation and development and is excited to have joined Solely Local with its focus on leading Solely Local's long-term technology vision. As a 20-year industry veteran, Pedja has extensive experience leading the development of cutting-edge products and technologies.


As COO, J. manages corporate infrastructure and strategic partnerships for Solely Local. J. has over 20 years of business experience, across North America, and has managed annual budgets of over $450M. J. has worked in many different markets and has extensive expertise in business profitability, cost-savings, efficiency and internal controls.


Effective communication with the capital market participants is a crucial element of the strategy pursued by Solely Local Networks Inc.

Investor relations

Our ultimate goal is to establish trust and maintain long-term relations with our shareholders. Solely Local make every effort to satisfy the information needs of both individual investors and large multinational financial institutions.


Investor relations

Our representatives are always open to contacts with investors and willing to provide comprehensive and reliable information. We aim to keep our shareholders informed by organizing numerous investor meetings all around the world as well as by running corporate websites.

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